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Who is Krys?

Krys is a current senior at Great Northern University pursuing her BA

Leadership Studies. 

She also works as a resident advisor with Union Gospel Mission's women's recovery house, Anna Ogden Hall. 

Giving Back

In 2016 Krys joined a team in creating the non-profit

Medical Assistance and Missional Outreach or MAMO for short.

She currently sits as the Treasurer and voting board member. 


She often travels to Uganda to deliver medical supplies to the schools that MAMO supports and assists in the advanced first aid training and hygiene education of both the teachers and students. 


The current trip that MAMO has planned, Krys will act as team lead.

Because of her previous experience in country, this provides Krys with the knowledge that she needs to fully assist the team while in Uganda.


Krys enjoys the diversity that life offers! She has strong opinions on Marvel and DC comics and movies, has a ranking of her top five favorite dinosaurs and is an avid reader of any genre. 


She also enjoys debating philosophy and science, getting into deep conversations about the things that matter to people. and getting into nature as much as possible. 


If she had a perfect day off, she would take her road trip van to a spot in Washington that she's never visited before and just spend the day exploring. 

While she doesn't have pets of her own, Krys loves all animals and is determined to make them all her friends. 

She is looking forward to seeing a big change coming from the citizens of this city and the work of the Spokane City Council.