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I make no attempts to hide that fact that I am a Christian who holds the Bible as the standard of which I use to guide my life. I bear the image of God, the light of Christ, and that extends into my political career as well as my personal life. Christ teaches that the two most important commandments in the entire Bible can be summed up as love God and love people. 

I cannot stand on a platform of treating humans as people if I am unwilling to extend that kindness to all people. Those who identify as LGBTQ+ are people who deserve love and acceptance as any other citizen of this city. 

I cannot say I want to represent this city, and our district, if I am willing to exclude an entire people group from that list. 

I cannot say I am a Christian if I am to promote anything other than the love of Christ. 

You will not hear condemnation come from my lips. You will not hear hate speech toward a single people group come from my mouth. I refuse to participate in further perpetuating the image of bigotry that is so commonly associated with current Christianity. 

I will not promote hate. Not when I know what true love is. 

You are a person who is worthy of kindness and love. Whatever you identify as, I am still capable of treating a person as a person, with all due love, kindness and respect.