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Small business’ are the lifeblood of a local economy. According to Greater Spokane, 96% of Spokane businesses have fewer than 50 employees.  That's an impressive number of businesses! 

When we spend local, we help to stimulate the economy of Spokane.  As a result, our city thrives by creating jobs and pouring money back into our area. 

I am a college student who has existed off a college student’s budget. I'm also the youngest of five children. I understand that sometimes you can't afford to buy local. Local stores don't have the benefit of selling in mass quantities to deliver discounts to families on tight budgets. I'm not suggesting giving up buying from box stores completely. However,


If every person ate at a local restaurant this month instead of a chain. 

If every person chooses to shop at a local boutique for a new item of clothing instead of going to a national chain. 


We could pump new life into our local economy.


When we start small, together we have a BIG IMPACT